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Special Projects

As an Applied Sociology major, you will complete a special project at your Internship Site. You should work with your site supervisor to see if they have something specific in mind; however, if they do not, then you can provide them with the examples below. These examples represent projects that interns have completed in previous semesters.

  • Collect and/or analyze data for your internship site
  • Complete a literature review for a site-specific need
  • Create a research proposal
  • Locate and apply for grants/funding for your internship site
  • Design and create print and social media to be used at your internship site
  • Create/give a special presentation at your internship site
  • Create a class, training, or activity for your site (academic, health-focused, etc.)
  • Create/manage a social media profile for your internship site
  • Create a training manual for future interns
  • Complete a customer/client satisfaction survey for your organization
  • Analyze marketing data
  • Coordinate events and/or fundraising efforts


Please keep in mind that these are not the only options, and you certainly do not have to select one of these options. These are merely suggestions to get you thinking about what you may like to do for your Special Project. You will consult with your site supervisor to determine the most mutually beneficial project for your internship.