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Closed Class/Prerequisite/Departmental Approval Override Form

This form is for Sociology classes only. (SOCI, LATS, & SUST)

This form can be used to request an override into a closed or full course. This form can also be used for prerequisitedepartmental overrides.

After you complete this form, it will be forwarded to the appropriate faculty member for their approval. In the Department of Sociology, faculty approval for a closed/full course is necessary. Please note that if this is a face-to-face or hybrid course, the capacity is determined by the physical space of the room.

For this reason, please be aware that an override request is not guaranteed to be approved and merely places you on a department-approved waiting list.

If your request is approved, the department will contact you through your Texas State email address in order to assist you with registration.

Your student ID number beginning with the letter "A"
Which semester are you requesting an override for? *
If you are requesting an override in both summer & fall, one form must be completed for each one
What is your grade level? *
What is your major? *
Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts
Undergraduate Bachelor of Science
Any major within mass communication
Graduate Masters of Arts/Master of Science
Interdisciplinary Masters of Science
Interdisciplinary Masters of Arts/Science
Anything not listed above
Please include the course number, i.e. SOCI 3333
This is the 3-digit number after the course number, i.e. 251, 253...etc.
Acknowledgment *
I acknowledge that submitting this form does not guarantee that my request will be approved