About Us

Department Overview

Doctor Toni Watt
Department Chair - Dr. Toni Watt

Sociologists study society with the goal of creating a better world. Sociology majors study topics such as gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity, mental health and addiction, aging, food and society, immigration, criminology, the family, and sustainability. Students also develop the research and critical thinking skills needed to confront social problems, inequities, and unjust systems. Our award-winning faculty are actively engaged in this effort and eager to bring students into this important work. Sociology, and our department in particular, offers students a sense of shared purpose and the opportunity to make a contribution to our larger society.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an environment conducive to intellectual exchange characterized by innovative and outstanding:

• Teaching and curricula 
• Service to students and community 
• Scholarship and research 
• Sociological practice and internships 
• Commitment to multiculturalism and diversity

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a premier sociology department providing nationally and internationally recognized academic programs.

Multicultural Policy

Texas State believes that freedom of thought, innovation and creativity are fundamental characteristics of a community of scholars. To promote such a learning environment, the university has a special responsibility to seek cultural diversity, to instill a global perspective in its students, and to nurture sensitivity, tolerance, and mutual respect. Discrimination against or harassment of individual on the basis of ethnicity, sex, religion, or race is inconsistent with the purposes of the university.