Application Process

Important Dates

If you plan to intern in the:Packets will be available:
Spring 2024 Calendar (PDF, 94.2KB)
Internship calendar for the Spring 2024 semester, Thurs., Jan. 11th to Thurs., April 30th, 2024
Summer 2024 Calendar (PDF, 91.4KB)
Internship calendar for the Summer 2024 semester, Tues., May 21st to Frid., Aug. 3rd, 2024
Fall 2024 Calendar (PDF, 78.2KB)
Internship calendar for the Fall 2024 semester, Thurs., Aug 22nd to Fri., Dec 3rd, 2024

Application Steps

Step 1 Get Advised 

In this step you should receive:  
Academic Advisor Meeting Form 

There are three ways that you can set up your advising appointment: 

Through our departmental advisor, Professor Bouzard. This is the recommended advising method, if your schedule permits. Please call the main Sociology office, 512-245-2113, to set up an appointment. Professor Bouzard is meeting students in person or over the phone, so please let us know your preference. 

If none of the appointments with Professor Bouzard work with your schedule, you can set up an appointment through Liberal Arts Advising. Please contact them at (512) 245-1852 or by email at  

Or, if you have a current advisor that you see regularly, you can also meet with them. If you do meet with an advisor other than Professor Bouzard be sure to request the Academic Advisor Meeting Form.  

Please either bring the completed form to Sociology office, (THH 449), or send it as an attachment via email to Your internship class should be the last course of your academic career. 

Step 2 Fill out Internship Application and Generate/Update your Resume 

If you meet all the requirements to move forward in the process, you will be sent an email with a link to the application. Complete this application and return it by the due date. You need to create or update your resume in this step. You can utilize the Career Services Resume Resources to assist you, as well as the resume template that we've created for our classes.  

Step 3 Attend mandatory orientation 

After your application has been processed and approved, you will be required to view an orientation recording. In this orientation video, you will learn the structure of the internship course and receive a calendar for the semester so that you can begin planning ahead for the semester. 

Step 4 Discuss placement options with coordinators at individual placement meetings 

We will send you a calendar with available zoom meeting options. You will then meet with Ms. V. to determine your internship site. After attending your meeting, the departmental override will be processed for you, and you will receive an email confirming that you can now enroll. 

Step 5 Register for SOCI 4690 via CatsWeb  

Sign up for the internship course for college credit. If you have completed all the previous steps, you will receive department approval to sign up for SOCI 4690. Email or call (512)245-2113 if you encounter any issues.