MA Sociology- Thesis Track

Thesis Track

Two steps to completing a thesis. These steps challenge students to refine their writing and research methods by producing faculty-reviewed work. Students who complete a Master's thesis may advance their research as doctoral students.

Step 1: Thesis A

SOCI5399A: Thesis A is a class designed for developing and researching student theses. The class prepares students to complete the following:

  1. Narrowing theses topics to a manageable idea students can dedicate their time and energy to.
  2. Preparing and researching the thesis topic.
  3. Writing literature reviews and a possible thesis first draft.
  4. Finding and requesting an appropriate thesis committee and faculty chair.
  5. Submitting the thesis proposal application to the Graduate College.

Gaining approval for Thesis B registration.

Step 2: Thesis B

SOCI5399B: Thesis B is taken after the completion of Thesis A and keeps students on track to complete their thesis during their final semester. Students can expect the following during Thesis B:

  1. Writing and editing the thesis for chair review.
  2. Rewriting and editing the thesis based on chair review feedback.
  3. Defending the thesis in front of the chosen thesis committee.
  4. Submitting the thesis to the Graduate College for final approval.

Thesis Resources

Previous Student Thesis

Our students have written some amazing theses! We recommend that you read a few examples of sociology student theses that are available via the library. You will see that students have conducted some impressive qualitative and/or quantitative research.

Our alumni

Our recent graduates are pursuing their doctorates at top programs, such as Washington State University, Central Florida University, University of South Florida, Louisiana State University, Rice University, University of California-Davis, Texas A & M University, University of Texas-Austin, and Oklahoma State University. Other graduates teach at local universities and work in non-profit agencies or for local government agencies.

Dorian Galindo

I will treasure the invaluable skills and knowledge that the Sociology Graduate Program at Texas State provided me with. My academic and professional success has been a result of the mentor-ships by my professors, my dedication, persistence, and perseverance to continue learning, unlearning, and relearning about research methods, the social world, and social paradigms. For that, I feel that I have obtained the social lens of capacity and skills to objectively and scientifically understand human behavior. - Dorian Galindo

As an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Bemidji State University, I can trace my intellectual and personal growth to the Department of Sociology at Texas State University. I am grateful to the faculty in the department who guided me in the Applied Sociology BS and MA programs, and I am particularly indebted to Dr. Anderson, who first encouraged me to join the MA program, and to Dr. Smith and Dr. Pino, who guided me to the insights and challenging ideas that shaped my Master’s thesis. The core courses and electives in the MA program served as an excellent foundation for my pursuit of a PhD at Washington State University.  -Michael Lengefeld

Michael Lengefeld