Department of Sociology Graduate Programs

Our Graduate Programs

Concerns over issues like the environment, urban development, health, aging, and a competitive global economy have increased the demand for social scientists and trained evaluators. The Department of Sociology provides curriculum and training to prepare students to meet this need.

MA in Sociology

The Master of Arts degree prepares graduates for a variety of careers that include government, private enterprise, education, and social services. It also provides a sound background for those who anticipate further doctoral studies.

MS in Applied Sociology

The Master of Science with a major in Applied Sociology focuses on evaluation skills including both qualitative and quantitative research, general statistical analysis, impact analysis, and grant writing.

MS in Dementia & Aging Studies

In response to the critical need for a competent workforce for the aging population, Texas State created the master of science program in dementia and aging studies. The curriculum emphasizes knowledge of dementia, aging, and the person-centered model of care.

MA/MS in Sustainability Studies

The program, the first of its kind at a Texas public university, offers a unique interdisciplinary opportunity to develop knowledge about sustainability applicable to a changing world.

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